I’m not putting this on the blog part of this site – I don’t want anyone to have to dig for it:

If 1:15 hrs is too long for you to set aside, here is the cliff notes version he gave on Oprah’s show after he became an “accidental celebrity.” But of course I recommend the full version. There’s a book that goes along, too. Amazon keeps track of the most-highlighted sections of Kindle books. Here are those passages from The Last Lecture.

Other XOXOXO sections I’m working on:

  • Inspiration
  • Favorite things -Why I love these products and services:
    • Hot Dogs & burgers from Five Guys – OH my wonder. How in the world are the Five Guys able to pack 800 calories into a burger and 300 into a hot dog? Maybe we don’t want to know.
    • Minute Maid Light orange juice – sweet and delicious without all the sugar calories
    • Whirlpool Fabric Freshener – can’t beat dry cleaning in your own closet
    • Meerkat Manor television show – I’ll admit I was obsessed with this show before I wasn’t. Now I get my cute animal fix on cuteoverload.com.
    • My Moleskines – I love taking good notes
    • Snowboarding – The only time I combine drinking and listening to music outside a party
    • Zabar’s grocery store in Manhattan
    • Call of Duty video game series – There’s nothing better than that first kill on a Saturday morning…except for the 500th. The so-called law of diminishing returns really does not apply to CoD.
    • Apple TV – With an internet connection, iTunes account, and initial investment of about 250 bucks, you can download real television shows, movies, and Youtube videos for watching on your home television or computer. I only watch certain shows so cable is much less cost-effective than Apple TV and everything I watch is ‘on demand.’
    • My bffs
    • Momo Sushi – my review on Yelp says it all
    • Speaking of, I love Yelp.com. It’s a review site where people tend to post pretty thoughtful comments about all sorts of vendors. There’s an iPhone/iPod application that I use on-the-go to discover new places and it has come in very handy while on road trips. Case in point: Bunghole Liquors in Salem, Mass. When I needed to stock up ahead of a boating trip, it popped right up. Also, that open-late diner really satisfied my craving when I looking for a place to stop and eat off I95 in Connecticut.

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