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Weekend Wrap-Up

May 5, 2010

I may as well start on Friday, when I was duped by a friend into running 3.2 miles under the flag of the Crystal City Friday 5k. I did not know how far 5k is until finishing at around 31 minutes. I walked several times and near the end walked right up to and past a cameraman. I have no pride when it comes to competing in endurance sports.

Within the last mile, a girl came jogging up behind me and tapped my arm and gave me a smile for moral support. She said “Let’s go catch the girl in the pink shorts” (about 10 yards ahead of us). I was so ashamed about not having an excuse to just be slow that I sprinted past the herd as she and others groaned “Oh, come on! Really?!” I walked a couple more times, but never long enough for those masochists to catch up.

On Saturday Michael and I rolled out of bed and up to the roof to catch some rays. I also caught up on my statistics. When we got hungry, we headed to our favorite sandwich place in Clarendon, Earl’s. We used Michael’s iPhone to “check in” on Yelp and enjoyed a Cuban and Italian in the out-door seating on Wilson Blvd.

Shaky due to us moving with the music!

I met up with my mom to catch 70s-inspired rock jam band My Morning Jacket at the Merriweather Post Pavillion with center seat tickets courtesy of a work pal who couldn’t use them. If you think we look alike, you’re wrong.

Sunday was a blur of sleeping in, shopping for kayaking schtuff at REI, Vietnamese fare at Eden Center followed by a food coma, then a couple of episodes of my new favorite show available on Netflix “Lie to Me.” Check it out!


Weekend Wrap-Up

May 18, 2009

What a weekend. I got my bike tuned up for my first ride of the year on Saturday. I hadn’t been out yet because my ankle has hurt me since I twisted it in February. Yeah, February. I was walking across 23rd St in Crystal City and bit it on the little dip in the bricks. It hurt that bad that I actually cried. I think it’s ok now, a little loose and still achey but it’s strong enough that I feel comfortable going out with my feet “Look” cleated onto the pedals. Read: locked in requiring a swift twist of the heel to get out to keep from toppling over.

Pulling on a cleat

Pulling on a cleat

Anyway, it was nicer out than I expected (I thought I’d be too cold even in the humid air) but when I got a few minutes past the Belle Haven Marina on the Mount Vernon trail (a 12 mi hike from home) I started feeling too sick to make it back. So I whipped out my cellular device and called the best boyfriend evar for a ride back and some sympathy-food later on. We stopped by Trader Joe’s later in the day and bought berries, wine, tons of herbs to make gaspacho and tabouli, and more chocolate-dipped frozen bananas for my breakfast of champions. (No that’s not what made me sick.) We wanted to eat at Momo but there was such a wait that we hot-footed it to Ichiban, where Michael described the fare as “more of a fresh fish meal than sushi.” The rolls there are insane.

I woke up on Sunday to a jarring 64 degree-cold apartment. It didn’t bother Michael the slumbering bear one bit, but at 7:45am I was up and texting folks with ideas from crashing the ANCC driving range to sending calendar invites for a kayaking race somewhere in Va late July.

Oh yes, since I last tended to this blog I finally bought a kayak. It is awesome and I can’t wait for Michael’s to come in. You can check out my new kayaking page on this blog here, where I’ll post pictures and trip reports…eventually.

I did lots of odd jobs, an uncharacteristic gym visit then cooking spree when I made my superb no-mayo tuna salad (canned tuna, chopped lettuce, onions & parsley doused in grape seed oil and sprinkled with celery salt & white pepper). Then we headed out to Leesburg to celebrate Michael’s sister’s birthday at a Thai restaurant. I guess I’d say more about the delicious lunch if I weren’t soo jealous of her gift: a Wii!! (Nina’s blog is linked in my blogroll). We also hit up the Wegman’s for some bulgur (crucial for the tabouleh recipe I hear) and Home Depot for more sheets to ‘faux frost‘ the bedroom windows. The last thing I need is my former boss telescoping in to time wake-up-and-get-coffee-with-me calls. You read that right.

Enough for me pouring out the mundane details of my life. I’ve got to get to bed and wake up early to welcome our new newest employees with a smile and boatloads of information. Good week!