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Social Media Exposure Positive for Valve CEO

June 3, 2010

I was lurking around Reddit this evening to find something interesting to read while trying not to hyperventilate and crumble after my second run in over a month (I’m weak). This headline got my attention (Warning, NSFW comments in the thread): What happens when you email the CEO of Valve Software more than once?

Here’s the email chain that comprises the post, and I think you will agree that it is very positive press for Gabe Newell with his target audience (buyers of his software) and all he did was reply to a couple of emails.

sockpuppet wrote:

Hey Gabe when people email the AT&T CEO more than once they’re sent a cease and desist letter. What happens if I email you more than once?

On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 11:23 AM, Gabe Newell wrote:

Don’t know. Let’s find out.

My response:

I should warn you my attorney is Saul Goodman. I will vigorously defend myself against your legal threats if required, I hope it doesn’t come to that.

His response:

from Gabe Newell

to sockpuppet date Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 12:27 PM

I am looking out the windows of my 10th floor office (the office is the entire 10th floor, if that wasn’t clear, as it needs to be large enough to contain all of my awesomeness). It appears that the hounds have been released, as well as the ninjas (with some of the smaller and more agile ninjas riding on hounds), but no cease and desist letters, so you’re good on that front.


What went right here isn’t that the Redditor with the “sockpuppet” email put this online; he was so happy to get such a response from Gabe that he will definitely be one of those “tell three” people…even though sockpuppet told at least 1,117 (the amount of Redditors who bothered to push the ‘upvote’ button on the post). What Gabe did right was engage in like manner with ‘sockpuppet;’ clearly the two emails to Gabe were in good fun and Gabe responded in kind. Had the emails been about business, I trust Gabe’s response would have been…well, businessy.

That ‘sockpuppet’ posted the email chain is free targeted advertising for Gabe, especially when you consider the large population of videogamers like me who read Reddit. Here’s one:

If you’re serious, Gabe is seriously the coolest motherf*&er in the games industry.


“Cultivated Play: Farmville”

April 18, 2010

I don’t play Farmville; I turned down requests long ago when I realized I didn’t have enough time to play this social game. Why? Because I already spent so much time playing Call of Duty on Xbox live. This article explains something fascinating, that we democratic citizens fail to use new media to further our own interests, instead falling into an expensive do-loop of earned fantasy rewards.

The wheel keeps spinning, faster and faster. More people are signing up to play Farmville every day, as well as other similar Zynga games, such as Mafia Wars, YoVille, and Café World. Analysts estimate that, if the company goes public in the summer of 2010, Zynga will be worth between one and three billion dollars.[18] This value depends in its entirety on the social capital generated by users, like you and me, who obligate one another to play games like Farmville. Whether this strikes you as a scam or just shrewd business is beside the point. The most important thing to recognize here is that, whether we like it or not, seventy-three million people are playing Farmville: a boring, repetitive, and potentially dangerous activity that barely qualifies as a game. Seventy-three million people are obligated to a company that holds no reciprocal ethical obligation toward those people.

As cultivated citizens, we are obligated to one another. We care about one another. As Cornel West has said, democracy depends upon demophilia, or love of the people.[19] Unfortunately, sociopathic companies such as Zynga depend upon this love as well. The central task of citizenship is learning how to be good to one another, even when—especially when—it is difficult to understand our own actions. If Howard Zinn had but one lesson to teach us, it is that cultivated citizens must constantly look around and examine what they’re doing, because there is a fine line between being a cultivated citizen and being someone else’s crop.


Word to the Social Media Wise

November 10, 2009

I recently signed up for a YouTube account to upload videos – as opposed to signing up so I can argue in comment threads. Upon registration, YouTube suggested some other people to follow based on my gmail. Which is cool if it’s my bff Sarah, who’d selected on “Let others find my channel if they have my email address.” But there were way more people who’d selected this than I cared to know. I now know 1) their age, 2) their username (see my blog about usernames), 3) what they watch when they’re logged in, and 4) what they’ve said. In one case, I saw a comment one of them made on a video. And it wasn’t like “lol that kitteh was too cute!” More like his opinion was dumb. And now I know it.


My Boyfriend’s Blog

October 7, 2009

My boyfriend Michael has lots to say. He sounds like he knows all about cars, chemistry (organic, biological and molecular), obscure musical groups and the musicians’ career paths, the video game industry including the computer processing and rendering aspects of the user interface experience… Did I sound like I know what I’m talking about with that phrase? Because I don’t. I just listen to Michael talk about this stuff on and on and on…sometimes, I try to get him to be quiet by distracting him, sometimes I’m smart and have him solve a problem for me while he’s in the mood for ‘being right’, and other times I dead-pan say to him “Why don’t you blog about it?” I figure there’s a wider audience out there on the Internets.

As far as girlfriends go, I’m pretty presumptive. For example, a subscription to Gourmet magazine implies Michael will cook me fancy dinners (even if I signed him up with a free trial when I spent >$50 at Sur la Table). And that the extra BMW key obviously belongs to me.

So when Michael told me he was doing “social media” for JIEDDO back in May because he already knew how, first I laughed, then I demanded to see his blog. He still didn’t have one. He hadn’t even accepted my LinkedIn request. To his credit, he had registered a Tumblr account but only wrote one post. And he’d kill me if I linked to it here because he wanted it to be his foray into serious self-publishing. I introduced him to another professional writer and all the guy would say about the post was: “he reeks of writer.” Yes, that’s about it…reeking.

Michaels on the left

These things left me with problematic ingredients: talkative boyfriend, deaf ears, my meddling tendencies, and our potential combined. About a week ago, I had a eureka moment after telling my coworkers during a social media presentation about this Twitter account called ShitMyDadSays. Later, Michael and I were at our favorite sushi restaurant in Old Town and I was further berating him on having no web presence. That night, I solved all the problems here when I created a blog on his behalf. Oh, and you can follow him(me) on Twitter, too.