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U.S: For Porn Before We Were Cheated On

March 25, 2010

Last night I watched the episode of BullShit about anti-porn crusaders and didn’t think I’d really think twice about it afterwards until I happened across federally-funded Of course, the production, distribution and viewing of porn here is protected by  1st Constitutional Amendment right to ‘freedom of speech’. And yet via grant 90-FH-0001, there’s federal funding for the anti-porn mis-educators.

Penn and Teller’s interest in the anti-porn issue (besides the obvious ratings spike) is that the folks who campaign against porn in the U.S. pull some acrobatic moves themselves; they claim that porn galvanizes sexual violence, dis

crimination against women, and also tends to disrupt healthy relationships. The show’s conclusion was that there’s no causal evidence on any of these points, for or against. In other words, it’s BullShit. I really didn’t care and was, as usual, disappointed by the infotainment that is the show.

So I finished the show really not wanting to think any more of it – until tonight when I checked out a sponsored video on YouTube that led me to a taxpayer-funded (via Health and Human Services) website for couples. I noticed a video link entitled “Can watching porn hurt my relationship?” I couldn’t help but click. Turns out it was hosted by a couple of old people. They say watching porn technically makes a relationship polygamous. OMG!!

I’d like to forego the teabag party and jump straight to painting a visual picture in your head if that old dude’s posture is true. Remember how STD-awareness campaigns tell you that you’re exponentailly increasing your risk with each person you’re with because you are exposed to your partners’ partners? IMAGINE HOW MANY PEOPLE YOUR SPOUSE HAS FAKE-CHEATED ON YOU WITH. And that’s not physical, that’s mental.

Just for fun. Imagine it…Now how many have you cheated with? Now how many people have you mentally cheated with? WOAH, REALLY?

I call BullShit.