Staycations: The path of least peristance.

I really shouldn’t have to sell anyone on this, but there are a bajillion things to do in the Mid-Atlantic, and all within driving distance of DC. Eating out and staying in hotels is expensive, but with an early wake-up time propelled by a 5-hour energy drink and nourished by picnic food, you can really experience a lot in one day. For some ideas, check out my Google map “Paige’s Mid Atlantic Fun in the Sun“.

*My most recent Staycation was a camping and kayaking trip to Occoquan on Memorial Day weekend 2009.

idle – I mean, active – observations…

Best burger in the area: Five Guys 4626 King St. Alexandria, VA 22302

Best sushi in the area: Momo 212 Queen St. Alexandria, VA 22314

Warmest and Coldest Women’s Bathrooms in NoVa:

Warmest: King Street Blues Crystal City Undergound

Coldest: Buzz Cafe 901 Slaters Lane Alexandria, VA 22314


One comment

  1. Your warmest/coldest observations put a whole new slant of perspective on anything that has “The Ring” in its title.

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