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What I Did on my Sick Day

May 21, 2010

I was laid up for most of Tuesday and half of Wednesday, possibly from food poisoning. I had to lie very still to avoid the stabby feeling in my guts.  I’m all better now and on the good side, I had hours and hours of uninterrupted research time on the Internets.

Here’s what I was up to:

  1. Turning over all accounts and files related to the website I created
  2. Looking into free data analysis and visualization tools and resources
  3. Taking online classes in the C programming language from this guy on YouTube
  4. Fiddling with Yahoo Pipes for a media monitoring effort
  5. Lots of lying and sleeping in the mummy position – Michael called me Paigepalegic

Here’s what I learned:

  1. It’s useful to go through the motions of implementing a business idea just to go through the motions of exiting; my website was literally and virtually a ‘business in a box’ for someone else. Cha$hing! I’ll go ahead and give credit here to someone I learned a lot from in this: Jarom Adair.
  2. IBM sponsors a bunch of cool research geared towards collaboration and visualization. And it makes its stuff easy to find, hoping someone will come up with a brilliant way to apply or reason to further develop protoypes. Check out this site, a NY Times site deployment, this one, and these three Twitter feeds.
  3. C really is a lot easier than HTML or CSS, the two languages I can claim I know other than English and non-verbal body.
  4. Yahoo Pipes looks deceptively easy.
  5. I love being physically active and am thankful that I still have the ability to run, bike and paddle around on this blue-green Earth!

Weekend Wrap-Up

May 5, 2010

I may as well start on Friday, when I was duped by a friend into running 3.2 miles under the flag of the Crystal City Friday 5k. I did not know how far 5k is until finishing at around 31 minutes. I walked several times and near the end walked right up to and past a cameraman. I have no pride when it comes to competing in endurance sports.

Within the last mile, a girl came jogging up behind me and tapped my arm and gave me a smile for moral support. She said “Let’s go catch the girl in the pink shorts” (about 10 yards ahead of us). I was so ashamed about not having an excuse to just be slow that I sprinted past the herd as she and others groaned “Oh, come on! Really?!” I walked a couple more times, but never long enough for those masochists to catch up.

On Saturday Michael and I rolled out of bed and up to the roof to catch some rays. I also caught up on my statistics. When we got hungry, we headed to our favorite sandwich place in Clarendon, Earl’s. We used Michael’s iPhone to “check in” on Yelp and enjoyed a Cuban and Italian in the out-door seating on Wilson Blvd.

Shaky due to us moving with the music!

I met up with my mom to catch 70s-inspired rock jam band My Morning Jacket at the Merriweather Post Pavillion with center seat tickets courtesy of a work pal who couldn’t use them. If you think we look alike, you’re wrong.

Sunday was a blur of sleeping in, shopping for kayaking schtuff at REI, Vietnamese fare at Eden Center followed by a food coma, then a couple of episodes of my new favorite show available on Netflix “Lie to Me.” Check it out!


News from the Lakehouse

April 3, 2010

Today my mother took a break from managing the development of her new home to ride her Honda Aquatrax jetski around Lake Murray. She capsized along with her passenger, her builder, who lost his wallet and phone. Next time she rides, she plans to use the waterproof on-board storage.


Nike+ Plus Slacker

March 20, 2010

As my dear 35 readers know, I have been shaping up by hitting the pavement on my feet. Due to IT band and patellar tendonitis pain, I’ve tried to go slowly and if nothing else, be in some base level of cardiovascular shape for road biking and kayaking this summer.

I picked up a Nike+ thingie to connect my iPod to my running shoes and after runs, I upload my running data to iTunes and Nike running community website. Then I usually write a run report. Here’s my entry for this Saturday afternoon:

I meant to run 5k and being halfway finished, I was really thirsty & conveniently near my apartment building. I put the workout on pause to look for a water fountain. When I tried to resume the workout, it had timed out so I took a quick siesta on a park bench and soaked up some rays.


Theodore Roosevelt Island not a Gimp’s Destination

March 13, 2010

Dear Arlington County,
Many parking lots are utilized by the temporarily or permanently disabled folks – but the GW running/biking trail by Roosevelt Island is not one of those places. Please re-assign these two spots so that people don’t have to wait in line for cars to leave the usually full lot. I took this picture from my car window while doing just that!

Paige C. Rasmussen

Roosevelt Parking on a Saturday


Snowmageddon Stranded me in Santa Monica!

February 10, 2010

No I’m not complaining. I’ve gone shopping, seen sites, jogged along the beach at sunset…what more could one want out of being snowed out of DC in February and “stuck” on the coast of the peninsula that faces Malibu?! I anticipated a return to DC after only a few days here so I kept myself on East Coast time. I’ve always wondered what it’s like getting up early and now I know – it’s like being asleep by 9. Heh.

I’ve been meaning to update my blog with my goings-on but my BFF Sarah beat me to my romp around town last weekend, complete with pictures. I just have an emo shot of me taken with my webcam in my room at the Channel Road Inn. I have been doing a lot of business writing and especially reading. My hair is a mess from being let down after a jog. It’s 8:30pm local time and I’m ready for bed!


Ball Strikers

January 28, 2010

No, it’s not what you think! Ball strikers are runners who absorb most of the impact of striking the ground with the balls of their feet as opposed to the heels. I recently read a really cool article in Men’s Health that covered this natural technique and tried it myself. It felt so right that I went to Pacers in Alexandria to purchase a pair of Nike Free sneakers. I am totally sold. Here’s a vide on YouTube explaining some basic biomechanics. Enjoy!