I am a 20-something professional (Connect with me on LinkedIn.) in Northern Virginia/NoVa. (“NOVA” is the community college!) My hobbies include reading to learn, golfing, road biking and securities investing. My demeanor is happy-go-lucky exuberance and feel-good capitalism.

I like to daydream about having my own house and designing it – inside and out. I love the idea of modular, super-durable and recycled components. I’m not a hippie but I do love trees! If I were to take up a new profession entirely it would be as a sustainable design consultant. I am so horrified by the monstrous domestic architecture – garrish McMansions and additions popping up in DC Suburbia. I’d like to see someone bulldoze and rebuild while taking into considerations the look and feel of their neighborhood and where design is going. I store design concepts that I like in my Google Documents; I think that’s a great way to stay organized.

I like to write stuff down and keep lists. Anything from stuff to remember on my next camping trip to detailed ideas for this blog. I’ve built my own knowledge management system that took some hints from Getting Things Done. OCD much? Why, yes I do. I tote around a pink Moleskine and use my handy-dandy .

I love to play Xbox. My favorite games are Call of Duty 4, Rock Band, Castle Crashers, and Fallout 3. This is my gamer avatar, Slick Chilli:



  1. Would you post something new every now and then?

  2. OK. Maybe you’ve convinced me to blog. Maybe. I’ll meet you in the middle, dude. I’ll to blog and you’ll stop sweating me about facebook. Maybe?


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