Nike+ Plus Slacker

March 20, 2010

As my dear 35 readers know, I have been shaping up by hitting the pavement on my feet. Due to IT band and patellar tendonitis pain, I’ve tried to go slowly and if nothing else, be in some base level of cardiovascular shape for road biking and kayaking this summer.

I picked up a Nike+ thingie to connect my iPod to my running shoes and after runs, I upload my running data to iTunes and Nike running community website. Then I usually write a run report. Here’s my entry for this Saturday afternoon:

I meant to run 5k and being halfway finished, I was really thirsty & conveniently near my apartment building. I put the workout on pause to look for a water fountain. When I tried to resume the workout, it had timed out so I took a quick siesta on a park bench and soaked up some rays.


One comment

  1. Coming from this marathoner, I say get off the bench and hit the road! You can do 5k, wait till I get back there I will run it with you! (And no siestas)

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