Snowmageddon Stranded me in Santa Monica!

February 10, 2010

No I’m not complaining. I’ve gone shopping, seen sites, jogged along the beach at sunset…what more could one want out of being snowed out of DC in February and “stuck” on the coast of the peninsula that faces Malibu?! I anticipated a return to DC after only a few days here so I kept myself on East Coast time. I’ve always wondered what it’s like getting up early and now I know – it’s like being asleep by 9. Heh.

I’ve been meaning to update my blog with my goings-on but my BFF Sarah beat me to my romp around town last weekend, complete with pictures. I just have an emo shot of me taken with my webcam in my room at the Channel Road Inn. I have been doing a lot of business writing and especially reading. My hair is a mess from being let down after a jog. It’s 8:30pm local time and I’m ready for bed!



  1. oh yeah and I miss you tons!

  2. Ill send you the pics! Here is the link to our weekend escapade: http://www.theseascapechronicles.wordpress.com

    I love this pic the hair is super hot! Please come back and live in CA with me :)

  3. Are you using a high intensity flashlight, or, is your screen settings set to “Swedish tanning?”

  4. You look pretty hot. And to think, I only came here seeking Chubby Bubblies…

    Take Care, God bless you always.

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