Dear Delegate Tommy Wright

February 4, 2010

Posted publicly with permission:

Dear Delegate Wright,

I am writing to encourage you to support upcoming House Bills regarding certain freedoms currently inherent in American citizenship.  I am recently retired from the U.S. Marine Corps, after about 34 years of fascinating and eye-opening service to our Nation.  I grew up in a military family and was privileged to have lived, as a youngster, in a wide range of nations that included communist countries.  I know how wonderful the United States is, clearly from an objective and experienced standpoint.

This whole thing about “individual freedoms” is huge.  So many Americans who strive for ‘peace’ and prosperity for ‘all,’ have the right idea, but don’t necessarily appreciate what complex, social provisions are necessary to establish and promote that esoteric condition of individual liberty to excel in life and the doggone pursuit of happiness!

You are an elected representative of Americans.  You get this.  Special interests aside, you feel the same weighted mantle of exquisite responsibility I felt as a leader of Marines and representative of the USG on many occasions.  PLEASE personally contemplate the impact of efforts to erode an Americans’ right to defend themselves, the right to collect and appreciate a broad span of weaponry, and the value of deterrence we Americans hold against any potential adversaries that cheer on the ‘disarmament’ of Americans.  It’s the bad guys that the laws that are currently in place, need to be subjected to.  Go get the bad guys!  Empower the good guys.  It’s really not more complex than that.  The good guys, with all their guns and ammo, need to be held responsible for the control and security of their weapons, that’s for sure.  But for a government to prevent its citizens to draw a weapon for self-defense, in a moment of potential peril, is a fearful government… A government that suspects its citizens, in general, are incompetent, or worse, a threat.

Here are the pending House Bills I hope you appreciate are fundamental protections to individual American liberties.  If you believe they address rights that should be limited in modern times, please reply with your analysis on why, and what should be the modern-day inherent rights of citizens to bear arms.

House Bills 109,171,490,871,995,1070,1191, 1217, and 1379.

As appropriate with the above rationale, I encourage you to oppose House Bills 520 and 1209.

Very sincerely, and Semper fi,

//my mother//

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