The Turtles’ New Digs

January 27, 2010

Meet Gabanna

I am turtle-sitting Dolce and Gabanna for the friend whom I mentioned in an earlier post. She’s in Afghanistan and sorely missed…anyway, I had been keeping them in a glass flower vase with pretty shallow water since I didn’t know what else to do with them. I wandered into Petco last Sunday and talked to a manager who I had overheard answering other customers’ questions in a really detailed, knowledgeable way (Jose at the Tyson’s store – he’s a keeper!) He knew from my description of the turtles’ life story (Ash and I picked them up while in Chinatown, NYC last fall) that they were red-eared sliders. He also informed me that they’ll grow to “the size of a dinner plate” within a few years! He told me they’d rather spend most of their time swimming than out of the water. So since they don’t need to be in a full-size tank yet, I went to Pier 1 to pick out a cute wide vase, filled it with water and added some shells, glass beads, and the plastic half-pipe ‘log’ I picked up at Petco. Dolce and Gabanna are LOVING it! They now live in my bookshelf and I have a lamp on during the day. They make the most of the “daylight” hours basking on the log in between dips in the water. At night they go crazy because they know I or my boyfriend Michael are likely to drop a treat in.

I will post again once I go and figure out YouTube again. I deleted my account “permanently” and I guess should just sign up with a new account under another Gmail address since now I can’t start a new account with my main email account. A very stupid rule if you ask me.


One comment

  1. Pagina,

    Greetings from Kabul! I knew that no one else would treat my little ninjas as well as you. They look healthy and happy, but you and Michael should not overtreat el divos, no matter how many cute looks they give you.

    Don’t forget they love to go for walks in the park:)

    Miss ya!


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