Simple Swing, Simple Running Style

January 16, 2010

I got quick pointers on my golf swing today by a believer: something called “the simple swing.” The idea is you straighten up, bend at the hips, loosen the knees, then you have your left arm and shoulder lead the movement and allow the rest of your body to comfortably follow. Don’t even worry about your head, just keep your eye on the ball and swing.

Just now I was reading an article in Men’s Health about the Tarahumara of Mexico. Supposedly the tribe members put enormous mileage on their feet, eating corn mash for fuel during the day and party all night. They don’t die of any of the diseases or cancers we do. And despite their steep mountainous living terrain, they don’t even get running injuries! From the description I read plus the recent running study that explained 40 miles + per week is what you should really aim for, their secret lies in their ability to run great lengths. Their running style is simple: straight body, small steps. I remember changing from a long stride (“gazelle-like”) to shorter steps when playing lacrosse. It was a relief on my hamstring as well as added control – I could pivot, stop, and/or change directions very quickly. I bet I even sped up faster.


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