Google Phone vs Pomegranate Phone

January 6, 2010

So Google released its Android platform on the Nexus One phone. This “next Droid” -though it’s made by HTC- does everything other smart phones do except faster, on a better screen, with some noise cancellation, and a more useful voice-command feature. And you can buy it un-locked for any service provider.

But how does it really compare to the Pomegranate Phone? Can it project images, shave stubble, translate your words? How about brew coffee?! Come ON, the Nexus One is just another ruse to raise my share prices of GOOG.

And as ArsTechnica points out, the real news isn’t the phone but the website: Google now has a carrier-independent online store to compete with  the Apple iPhone’s T-Mobile-based purchasing vehicle. Keep. The. Sales. Flowing!


One comment

  1. Twit. I actually got suckkkkked into your damn fantasy fone. May the roots of you nether hairs fester!

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