All my friends are in Afghanistan

December 14, 2009

I’m feeling a little emo (that’s teenager-esque emotional symptoms). It’s not that ALL my friends are in Afghanistan, but it feels like it. My best friend Sarah moved to San Diego in October. Four of my closest friends are now on the west coast and if I don’t talk or webcam with them, they might not be alive. And in the past few weeks, too many people I’m close to at work have said pretty much out of the blue “oh I gotta go for a few weeks to a few months.”

It’s not that bad I guess. It’s just work people, right? I deploy all my ORSA employees. I know not to get too attached to them in person. Our relationship will depend on email. But with folks who I’m more used to talking to, they’re like family. It’s a tough switch to make to emailing. I’ve noticed that the messages are more meaningful to me, and we seem to write less formally, but not nearly as often as we’re used to speaking.

A good friend from work is on a plane to Afghanistan tonight. I am going to miss her and hope she’s up on Gchat asap!


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