Wow, the Paiges Have Internet Presence(s)

November 3, 2009

I visited Platial.com to update my map in leiu of updating my blog…I’ve missed some important blogging the past month or so. (But it’s ok, I’ve been calling my mom more to actually TELL her about my life.)

…And I discovered plaitial.com/paiges. She’s in Oregon and emo. Not me. Then it hit me: I’m on the Internet, and you and I know that. But you don’t necessarily know which Paige is me. I do, and I ignore those other ones because I like to live in a world where I am the ONLY Paige (especially with the I as in iiii.com). I am THE Paige. I’ve met two who call themselves Paige. The first one I could only muster a “Hey, you” to and the second one I ran into at the Georgetown lacrosse camp. I didn’t need to say anything to her, just check, dodge, and keep running.

I thought maybe I should use this outlet to narrow down reality of Paiges (with an I) for the folks who read this: my Internet usernames relating to my real name are UberPaige, Paige356 and sometimes pcrasmus. Nothing else. And if you know of one, let’s have an email, not a retort blog post, ‘k? The other names out there are by impostors. So there you have it.


One comment

  1. You are right on two fronts:
    You HAVE called a couple of times in the past two weeks… YEA!
    You ARE THE Paige. I am the one who determined that.
    Keep those phone calls a comin’!

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