My Boyfriend’s Blog

October 7, 2009

My boyfriend Michael has lots to say. He sounds like he knows all about cars, chemistry (organic, biological and molecular), obscure musical groups and the musicians’ career paths, the video game industry including the computer processing and rendering aspects of the user interface experience… Did I sound like I know what I’m talking about with that phrase? Because I don’t. I just listen to Michael talk about this stuff on and on and on…sometimes, I try to get him to be quiet by distracting him, sometimes I’m smart and have him solve a problem for me while he’s in the mood for ‘being right’, and other times I dead-pan say to him “Why don’t you blog about it?” I figure there’s a wider audience out there on the Internets.

As far as girlfriends go, I’m pretty presumptive. For example, a subscription to Gourmet magazine implies Michael will cook me fancy dinners (even if I signed him up with a free trial when I spent >$50 at Sur la Table). And that the extra BMW key obviously belongs to me.

So when Michael told me he was doing “social media” for JIEDDO back in May because he already knew how, first I laughed, then I demanded to see his blog. He still didn’t have one. He hadn’t even accepted my LinkedIn request. To his credit, he had registered a Tumblr account but only wrote one post. And he’d kill me if I linked to it here because he wanted it to be his foray into serious self-publishing. I introduced him to another professional writer and all the guy would say about the post was: “he reeks of writer.” Yes, that’s about it…reeking.

Michaels on the left

These things left me with problematic ingredients: talkative boyfriend, deaf ears, my meddling tendencies, and our potential combined. About a week ago, I had a eureka moment after telling my coworkers during a social media presentation about this Twitter account called ShitMyDadSays. Later, Michael and I were at our favorite sushi restaurant in Old Town and I was further berating him on having no web presence. That night, I solved all the problems here when I created a blog on his behalf. Oh, and you can follow him(me) on Twitter, too.


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