Weekend Wrap-Up

September 24, 2009

I took it easy on Saturday and hung out in my PJs doing admin stuff on my blog and websites. Still on the kale kick and wanting a home-cookin flavor to permeate my mouth (and apartment air), I called my dad for the steps of this simple Southern recipe:

  1. Cover the bottom of a pan with 1/2 in. strips of bacon and render  (stove on medium)
  2. Pile on kale that has been torn off the stems (unless you can wait for 2 hours of cook time)
  3. Pour 2 cups of water and bring to a boil
  4. Add hot sauce and stir

Cover and serve when it looks like this (about 10 minutes later):

Kale and Bacon

Freshly-cracked pepper is best for kale and bacon.

Saturday night we went out with friends to the Continental Bar & Billiards in Ballston. Good times were had by all, especially the ladies because we beat the boys with an average high score in ski-ball, hoops and even shuffleboard.

On Sunday, I went with the West Point Society on a winery tour in Loudon County. There were only about 5 alums and 30 tagalongs like Michael and me. We got going around 10 am and kicked the day off with mimosas and lox bagels. First stop was Barrel Oak winery in Loudon County. We had 17 tastings before lunchtime and used our good sense of judgment to invest in about seven bottles of the nectar of the gods. After a tour of where the fermentation action happens,  we picnic’d on the patio with a nice view of foothills and fought all urges to nod off.

Then the group boarded the bus and drove on to another winery in Middleburg. I have nothing of note for the second establishment except the workers were understanding enough not to have us arrested for drinking wine on their property that we brought from Barrel Oak.

I took lots of video with my new camera but incidentally forgot to actually get any pictures. Maybe – just maybe – I’ll find some time to learn how to edit video so it’s not just boring scenes you’d rather see on HDTV.

This weekend is looking to be slow…a mineral rights seminar on Saturday and of course playing with the bunnies and updating my Facebook with pictures of them in their new digs.


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