Astronomy for New Hobbyists, Old Nerds

September 4, 2009

I tweeted a link to this huge, panoramic photo of the sky today that I think is cool because you can move around it with your mouse and zoom in with the scroll wheel. Yeah, ZOOM in!

Then later on, I was lurking around Reddit.com which is a social aggregator where nerds go to socialize. I saw this page where a dude asked what sorts of hobbies “Redditors” could recommend to him besides video games. The responses comprised of well-targeted hobbies such as archery, fractal art, and one I can dig: astronomy.

I remembered the cool zoomy photo I saw yesterday and then remembered how much of a nerd I was when I was a kid. I went to Space Camp! (NO PICTURES WILL BE POSTED.) Not only that, but I had posters of the planets stuck all over my room and of course a bajillion glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling (they were not arranged in a homogeneous and isotropic fashion). I maintain an interest but it’s about the same as my interest in the last funny and biting thing to come out of Ann Coulter‘s mouth – barely.

Not that I’m saying I’m going to start sneaking out again to lay down in the grass and gaze at the sky at night, but here are some cool links that I found for wanna-be astronomers:


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