Monday Gunday

June 8, 2009

WARNO: I’m not a pinko. Just having a little fun with the armed crowd.

Not to steal the weekly update title on OPFOR (they call it SUNday Gunday), but I’m pretty excited this evening. As I flipped through my mail awaiting Michael’s stuffed peppers to come out of the oven, opened my new, free NRA membership card! Yes, it’s free to anyone until the dudes over in Nugentland get an audience with anyone outside Fox News. I’m pretty sure the thinking is “if we get eleventythousand more patriotic Americans (emphasis on the ER sound), maybe THEN someone will listen to our ranting about this police-nanny state!”

I see the irony, too. If you’re ever interested in those conspiracies, I have some great conspiracy chain emails in my gmail trash bin. It sounds like the answer is to pop out more red-blooded babies.

So what’s in it for me to sign up with NRA besides the ability to use the firing ranges at a discount and feel straight badass? Two new stickers!


One comment

  1. Whoa there Nellie! Associating Pinko’s and the 2nd Amendment crowd is essentially a mixed metaphor! You must mean Citizens vice the Subjects as implied by your socialistic allusion. Just keeping you within the bounds of understandable language .

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