One of the Best Spam Listservs an Outdoor Person Could Sign Up For

April 15, 2009

My in-box is spam pergatory. But I actually have intentionally signed up for most of what I get. I use Gmail, which does a fantastic job at keeping real spam (you know, the ones about ‘natural’ enhancements and African princesses needing a place to hide their dowry from their angry king). I like Gmail partly because I can manage multiple email addresses, which helps me keep track of passwords ;) and auto-label (with colors and stars) incoming mail from friends, stores, social networks, and the ever-available free advice.

IE, anything that comes to me from the rockstar of 29Palms gets an orange star. Anything from the beau is blue.

Anyway, Paddling.net is where I’m going with this. It is a great resource for all types of boaters, including robust user reviews of boats and places to paddle, tips on gear, and a classified section organized by location. And the weekly emails take you to interesting articles, like today’s about Reading the Weather. It goes into great detail on types of clouds and winds when you’re deciding ‘whether’ commit to a day outdoors. Har har. It’s good stuff. Check it out!


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