Want to See Media abuse of Investors?

March 27, 2009

I just peeped the new, sexy Yahoo Finance “Tech Tab.” Now, I don’t go to Yahoo finance because other people report what’s there to me. However, I have to say, it is going to hurt you.

Notice the stationary $7 advertisement below? Thats Scottrade!

Notice the stationary $7 advertisement on the "stock picker" window?

Your first clue is that it’s sponsored by Scottrade, which just needs you for your trading fees. Let me direct you to zecco for some cheap trading thrills on a sexy platform if that’s what you want. Your second clue is the actual name of the page as you can see in my navigation bar is  “Technology stock picker.” NO it is NOT.  Just because tech has been the big mover recently doesn’t mean you should be trading to “smell profits in the morning” as the advertisement says. Please do NOT pay attention to this feature. Head over to google finance and holler at me if you need help setting your personal page up. It’s easy to use and really functional.



  1. I’d sign up with Zecco, unfortunately they incorrectly use the word ‘is’ as a plural linking verb throughout their web pages.

  2. I certainly wouldn’t hire Zecco to write ghost-write for me.

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