Happy Orange Day!…And my 100th Post Celebration

March 24, 2009

For those of you who aren’t on the SU Alumni Listserv, I welcome you to gaze with me at pictures of Otto the Orange in celebration of this special day when Syracuse reaches out for some more money and doesn’t mention whether it’s orange the color we’re celebrating, orange the fruit, or orange as in “Orange you happy this knock knock joke is over?”



Outraged Otto

Outraged Otto

Ballin Otto

Ballin' Otto

Here is some Otto trivia. Our identity crisis has an extensive history and there was even a “Competitive Otto” costume made up while I was in school that apparently scared the crap out of children in the Dome to see games. Anyhow, it’s convenient that this day is during March Madness so I can also say I hope you can celebrate your brackets and this post happens to be my 100th, which is cause to toast myself!


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