“The Economy” Has Affected my Spending!

March 15, 2009

I have to admit: I’ve been buying more. And I do mean “more.” Not spending more money, no, just buying more things at lower prices. Whether it was for immediate satisfaction or a vacation, my credit spending is about the same last year than it was the year before with all proportions considered (thank you, mint.com for keeping me “in budget”).

Last year brought inspiration, life changes, travel, entertainment…all that good stuff that I ‘hope’ to continue to buy into and buy myself. And Banana Republic’s recent newsletter for “Insiders” (Read: over-spenders) tells me this:

From 11 Mar BR Insiders Newsletter

Actually, the above isn’t specific to me, it’s all Insiders who participated in the last few polls. Interestingly, or more like obviously, my cohort has caught up with me. Clearly, in this environment where credit limits are starting to tighten, 20 somethings @ BR are becoming more conservative like me.


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