Flowchart of Dog’s Mind @ Dog Park

March 13, 2009
*Via Holy Taco

*Via Holy Taco



  1. Ummm so what happens if I dont want to sniff an asshole, I want to eat some treats and then dont feel like taking a shit? Im disturbing the flow chart. I think Ill go chase my tail.

  2. I found the same flaw, and was going to point it out…but without using the same terminology. My comment was going to be non-specific, but simply indicate that there was a logic flaw in the flow chart. Also, at no time did I even consider the totally new and creative option that theseascapechronicles offers. Seeing as how I am sans one, I now have gone from feeling superior in my analytical skills, to perhaps a bit inferior in my anatomical opportunities… and that don’t have nuthin’ to do with ANY type of envy!

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