x3 ETF Rant on WB Proven Accurate in 3x Weeks

March 3, 2009

A day trader who likes to play with x3 ETFs (those that return THREE times the amount of proportional gains by the stocks it tracks or shorts) wrote this funny rant on Warren Buffet. It was published only three weeks before Buffet himself admitted to his shareholders that he was “sucking his thumb” while making the worst trades of his life last year:

“An investor like William Buffet as far as I’m concerned can jump off a bridge, he was put into one of the largest bull markets ever when stocks were their cheapest. Were Buffet started with 3k in cash today and forced to depend on his ability to trade, I think he would be eating cat food out of a can with a rusty spoon. His nick name would be Hobo Bill and he would tap dance for nickels.”

I explained ETFs as a way to bet for or against a sector without even leveraging capital on margin, in my article last week, “The Many Stocks that are Winning.”


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