Climbing The Ladders of D.C.

February 26, 2009

Let’s say you make near 100k per year; you’re in work in the DC area and have a TS. As one of about 32 people who read this blog everyday and live within 30 miles of DC (probably in Virginia), you probably also regularly stumble across ads for The Ladders, a fantastic site for job seekers and recruiters that are “100k+”. If you’ve ever signed up for the service, then you probably all the free advice on your resume and job seeking than you could find if you actually looked for the information online. If you haven’t done so, sign up now just to see what I mean. It’s actually fun.

Speaking of fun, here’s a couple of ads on MSNBC.com that you probably see every morning while assessing the losses in your retirement fund(s) or just following one of the links in my financial blog posts:

By oh eight thirty, you are clearly engaged with hovering your mouse over the different dudes waving good morning at you over and over. None are from DC but it’s still fun and cute – much better than the other banner ads. (Bonus points for whomever can tell me where the heck BTL is.)

It would be nice for a little DC guy to wave at all us niche contracted employees who yes, maybe know what all the companies out there are but still are interested in seeing what’s available since 100k jobs and contracts turn over so regularly. In fact, we may be exactly the type of people who find it worth a mere $30 just to keep an eye on our competitors’ positions.



  1. Heya!
    BTL is short for Battlecreek, MI.
    It’s where Kellogg Corn Flakes are made.
    So, what do I get for my (count them) FIVE (5) points?

  2. Paige,
    I was on the DC ladder for awhile but the commute killed me – I lived in Fredricksburg and the inconsistent schedule of the VRE was too much. Hopefully, home and condo prices are going to make a return to DC possible in the next couple years. BTW – Either I FB’d the wrong “Paige Rasmussen” or you’re toying with me.

    Good BLOG above.


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