Weekend Wrap-Up

February 24, 2009

On Thursday night, I joined some of the regulars at Casa de Karst for a follow-on to his farewell and play Rock Band (pics on facebook soon). I guess I signed myself up for a REAL band, and promptly ditched practice when I found out there wasn’t an actual drumset…just congas.

On Saturday morning, Michael said a thought came to him while walking to Starbucks for our usual ‘unsweetened, grande iced coffee and vanilla rooibos tea latte. (Guess who drinks which.) The product of divine inspiration was this:

Turkey Bacon Gourtmet Hot Dog

Turkey Bacon, Tomato, Egg Whites and Mushrooms in a Bun w Hash Browns Side

We curled up on the couch and watched the documentary called ‘Spellbound’ on xBox via Netflix. I can’t tell you how much money people are wasting on cable & internet when they can get just internet and add a $10/month subscription to da Flix. You can stream videos to your computer AND TV! Anyhow, it was emotionally intense for me to watch those 8th graders prep for the 1999 national spelling bee. It was cute but there’s just no recourse to being beaten in an arbitrary contest like a spelling bee. It reminded me of why I liked sports competitions over mental – there’s a real, honest-to-goodness victor or at least very close matches. Even the kids in the documentary knew enough to say that their chances of winning were more dependent on getting words that were intuitively easier to spell than their studies of dead languages and phonetics could prepare them to make good guesses on words of “unkown origin” for example.

I played some Call of Duty and read more Absalom, Absalom. On Saturday night, we went to Endo Sushi in my old stomping grounds of Clarendon. Here’s another picture of the gourmet hot dogs:

But Sunday totally topped off the weekend’s sloth and culinary treats with sizzling filet mignons from Omaha Steaks. Cipollini onions and baby bella mushrooms were cooked in the iron skillet that was used for the steaks. The side dishes were roasted garlic asparagus and mashed potatoes – with the skins on. That with a couple of glasses of Foodies cabernet was enough put me into an itis stupor that I didn’t recover from for a couple of hours. Then I got back to playing COD. I’m rank 34 now.


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  1. I dont know about those “gourmet” hot dogs…ill take the steak.

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