Weekend Wrap-Up

February 9, 2009

This past weekend I attained the rank Master Sergeant II @ Call of Duty World at War. I did it with the Thompson machine gun, which I am a dead shot with ever since I earned the aperture for it. The other weapon I’m getting good at is the Springfield sniper rifle. It is kind of disturbing now that in my daily life, I notice slight movements made by human shapes far away. Like the couple making out on their apartment building porch we drove by on Saturday night or the dude on the roof four blocks away I peeped while having a conversation with someone at the office. If I had had the scope, I could totally have gotten 30 points. But I’m just saying…in the game.

Saturday night was an island-themed party thrown by a couple who “realized we have 5 bottles of rum.” Michael and I were happy to oblige their offer to drain their liquor cabinet and flit around in island garb. Oh wait, that was just me flitting (in a turqouise blouse and white capris, bright pink nail polish, golden sandals and large jewelry); Michael said “theme parties are for frats and dorks.” I resemble that comment! (I lived in Phi Kappa Psi my junior year – and only got into ONE drunken fight with a meat head, which I won).

On Sunday, I watched Letters from Iwo Jima. Ok, I unapologetically slept through most of it as they were clearly all going to die from the start. I didn’t know that only because my parents are Marines and have indoctrinated me with the histories of famous battles of USMC muscle; they did. But it really was obvious in the movie that the Emperors’ loyals were going to die for His Majesty’s honor- or kill themselves trying.

Michael and I walked around Georgetown in the evening and stopped at a sushi joint off M Street called Chopsticks. This wasn’t white man’s (or victor’s) guilt but the forces of hunger and dress code driving the meal selection.

Chopsticks - Not ah so goood

Chopsticks - Not ah so goood

The food wasn’t all that great (and most other Yelpers agree) but the green tea ice cream was a nice way to top off the night. On Monday night to redeem sushi and former Axis members. Michael is reminding me about the Buglarians. “Everyone forgets that the Bulgarians were a part of the Axis.” Okay but I don’t think that has anything to do with this post.

Anyway, I’m about to upload some more amazing hot dog pictures. Enjoy the week!


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