Fw: Favorite

January 3, 2009

My favorite email that I received this week on a mass listserv went like this: xxx@xxx.xxx. Since I will be unemployed, venting will cost you – LOL!”

“I am sure that you are aware that Friday January 2nd is my last day with XXX. I haven’t found anything yet, but that’s ok, I am finally going to take a vacation, I have 9+ weeks of PTO.

For now, you can reach me on my cell xxx-xxx-xxx or my home email

OK, this really isn’t what I expected to be a favorite. So maybe this is a statement Fw: Favorite. A successful company waited to lay off their best employees until the week after Christmas and the beginning of a new year. And one particularly productive employee is vacationing all the way to the bank.


One comment

  1. Hey! I think I know this guy! 9wksPTO might be misconstrued, ’cause IIRC he said was taking 9-months off…

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