My Thanksgiving Note to You

November 26, 2008

Somehow, these socks resurface just in time for me to remember to rock them in public (school or work) on the day before Thanksgiving. My mom gave them to me when I was a sixth-grader.

Don’t worry that the socks are 12 years old; they’ve been worn <12 times and washed just as many. That’s not the point. Nor is the point that I tippy-toed into our board room to display my socks for the purpose of this post. It’s neither here nor there that I began a meeting by saying not to mess with me because I had pilgrim cats on my feet today. I don’t want you to be distracted by the array of cafeteria tables that temporarily serve as one… And please do not try to discern the proprietary scribbling on the white board, it’s not for you.

My point, my main point, is that I am going to lay out my Thanks here, if you have time to read it. For one, that I HAVE special socks to pull on and be silly in. That I have a safe job and a boss who maybe hopes I’ll have a role in the board room someday. Thankful for the various means and options on where and how I can spend hard-earned cash. I can have sashimi, steak or sashimi-steak terrine for dinner if I want to. I’m really very thankful that I have at least 200 phone numbers of family and friends whom I can call and take calls from at any hour of the night.

But Thanksgiving to me isn’t all about being happy that I’m warm and loved and freely gluttonous. It’s about remembering to give so that others can be thankful. I do give donations but it doesn’t feel like enough still. Because what I have been given that I am so thankful for isn’t actually a zero-sum commodity; it’s irretrievable as we know it. As a clock ticks, that’s a second, then a decade past any moment.

Others have given me incredible amounts of their time. To listen, help analyze problems and find a solution, to celebrate an accomplishment and pinpoint the next hurdle. To train and study. To contemplate inwardly and do outwardly. All that good stuff you’ll find in those shelves of self-help books. I am lucky enough to hear it and live it from people who freely pass their own knowledge to me like that book The GiverI am so thankful that people actually give me their time as if it means something to them – like it’s worth it that their time is spent on me. So it’s hard to think that on this day of the year that I probably haven’t given enough of my own time away. And I know that you’re supposed to feel like you ‘get’ something when you give and that I’m not supposed to feel like I’ve lost something by giving anything away, but sometimes I do with my time.

So tomorrow, on Thanksgiving Day, I’ll be somewhere besides the usual places to try to make up a bit and give all of my own time. I’ll be out there giving what I think is the most valuable consumable I take in myself. Today I thank all those who gave me something of theirs that they can’t get back, and hope they still think it was worth it!


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  1. nice sox

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