Why Throw Away Bed, Bath and Beyond Coupons?!

November 20, 2008

If there is one thing I could say to the other people at my apartment building who check their mail on the one day every two weeks that I do, it’s “Thanks.” As I pitch my spam mail into the mailroom trash bin, I also reach in and pull out all the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons left behind by other irritated urban mail-openers looking for an actual parcel meant solely for their eyes only.

But I mean, who doesn’t “need” stuff from BBBY? Now, it’s not like I shop there more than I go tanning. I keep them because THE COUPONS NEVER EXPIRE! Yes, I see there is an expiry date. But BBY stores don’t care so I keep them tucked into my car door and whenever I’m in the mood to cruise those large, frienly aisles, I grab several of ’em and head on in…

You see, the management of Bed Bath and Beyond don’t care if they lose a bit of markup on items sold. They (and their stockholders) care if they don’t SELL enough. They just want you to get into the store, buy lots of junk, and make it look like their stock price (BBBY) shouldn’t tank like SOME other retail stores I know that go by a similar ticker (BBY).

One more secret: YOU CAN USE MORE THAN ONE AT A TIME. What do you think I do, buy one thing @ 20% off, walk around the revolving door and buy another thing at 20% off? Come on, people. Save your BBBY coupons (and stock) – or send them to me.


One comment

  1. Dude. I feel the same way. I have stacks of these things. And NO, you can’t have them.

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