Holiday Gift-Buying Begins!

November 19, 2008

The days are becoming colder, windier, and ranier. The only way I know I’m still in DC and not The ‘Cuse is the humidity.

Now that it’s halfway between Halloween and Thanksgiving (my two favorite holidays), I am being reminded by seasonal decorations and music at every single store to start buying Christmas gifts for anyone whom I never found that “perfect” gift for all year. And I’m finding lots of cool stuff on the interweb and while out and about. So as a service to my loyal readers, I’m going to post many of the good ones here on this very interesting and useful blog.

Let’s start with something general like stocking-stuffers. Don’t show up for a Christmas event at ANYONE’s home without a little something to put in the stockings if they’re hung. It doesn’t matter if anybod ever knows it was you who put them there; it was really Santa! Remember, they can’t bee too heavy…Here’s a few ideas:

Extra Life Fruit and Veggie Keeper for $5.99 – Dropping one of these puck-sized green things in your veggie drawers will keep your bagged vegetables and fruits fresher longer. Trust me.

Moleskine Notebooks for $5-$10 – Cute but professional-looking little notebooks that come in nice packaging and easy to pack in purses and briefcases…and pockets. Search Amazon.com for best price.

Tiny Liquor Bottles or Cigars for $3 up – Not for mailing to APO AEs!

Themed USB Flash Drives for $15-$120 (by memory size) – Now banned by USSTRATCOM and NETCOM on government networks, anyone working offsite or for non-DoD. You can find personalized swiss army knife flash drives and sushi flash drives. Just search eBay with “‘enter theme here’ Flash Drive.”

Gift Cards for $$$? – Try Sephora (makeup), Gamestop (video games), Omaha Steaks, Legal Seafoods, or my personal favorite, since I’m such a bleeding heart, is Donors Choose, where your purchase and gift is also a tax-deductible donation to my favorite nonprofit. Donors Choose allows the donator to fund portions or all of different educational proposals submitted by teachers in pubic schools around the country. But you actually get something in return: thank you letters and an AAR on the program you helped fund!


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  1. I think Edible Arrangements is also a good christmas gift

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