Veteran’s Day RTD

November 13, 2008

Rockstar Shopping SpreeMichael and I spent Monday night getting close to our work friends at Crystal City Sports Pub. Some of us took nappies at Karst’s afterwords while the rest of us played Rock Band until 3am. Waking up back at the Camden around 1345, we decided to keep our badass rockstar image up all day . We rolled out of bed and did the most patriotic thingwe could easily accomplish on light duty: we spent American dollars. We rolled into the Starbucks inside Potomac Yards’ Barnes and Noble (where I bought the sweet new hot pink Moleskines). We spent extravagantly on athletic gear that we have no real plans of being active in. Well, we did do the lap around the Jefferson Memorial at night. We ate Chipotle with DosXX beer for lunch and I finally got my Verizon phone upgrade. Yes, the 202 digits are back in action!  As you can see from the pictures, we clearly did not shower as per our “grunge” image of our band Blue Wings. We moseyed over to Harris TeeterJefferson at night shrugging our eco-friendly, his and hers HT totes and bought mixins for tzaziki and lentil soup – two cheap, healthful and totally “in” foods that we celebs eat to set a good standard for our co-global citizens. Look for our upcoming cooking podcast series under the Chilli Dog Enterprises umbrella brand.


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