Weekend Wrap-Up

November 10, 2008

Getting over a cold ain’t fun, but it does allow for lots of unadulturated sleep. While I chose a marathon 19 hours shut-eye over a collegue’s poker tournament and follow-on Rock Band extravaganza on Friday, I at least got out for some sunshine the next day. Another young couple called around the crack of noon Saturday wanting to get together.

They parked under my building and we Metro’d to the Eastern Market stop. It was such nice weather that I wrapped my sweater around my waist.

We saw lots of ho-hum photography and jewelry that makes you wonder what the heck these people do with their lives and whether you should support that with a purchase of the 1out of 1000 quality item, but I was really excited to see a neat purse company called Rebound Designs. Chick makes purses out of books! I didn’t buy one; they were like $150 bucks.

Ok, I shouldn’t slam all of the gypsies. I did get some cute typewriter key earrings – the letter P key and the @/$ symbol key. My scribes will note that I still do not have pierced ears, but the guy had alternate backings and switched them out for cash.

On Sunday night, we met up with Michael’s sister Stephanie at the Five Guys in Georgetown. It was her 20th birthday and the best place I could think of where her four stinker friends could mooch off Michael for dinner. Just kidding. I mooched too ;)


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