Social Networking for the Gainfully Employed

November 6, 2008

I’m all about staying up to date with friends and collegues. I like to know what they’re thinking and where they’ll make their next move. I especially love to hear their insights on others’ moves. It’s not because I’m a gossip but because I like to help where I can and will only know if people tell me. So when I saw this article on the pluses of using social networking for finding a job, I thought I’d post it here on my site. It reminded me how often I’ve been asked to pass along a resume for a friend – and how I always think that their reach by searching for a job that way is limited to the amount of their friends’ friends. Because they’re not just going to tell everyone whom they know. They have to choose a method somewhere between using a shotgun and an assassin’s pistol for blasting out their message.

The first obvious online place to look for a job and send your resume is at sites like theladders.com. There, at least, are job descriptions and recruiters. It’s a good start but you’ll be fielding responses by people you probably will never contact again. And only one at most will end up hiring you.

I think that the best way to take advantage of your network of friends, collegues, and connection to the internet when seriously looking for another job is to indicate so on your LinkedIn and Facebook profile status. The people who will see your status change are others who want to network. Because they wouldn’t be on there if they don’t! I know that online networking feels a bit exposing and uncontrolled; but you are in control of who can see your profile and should trust them.

Just think about it: if you signed up for LinkedIn and saw on the recent activity page that someone you know is looking around, you’d tell them if you thought you could hook them up with someone they might not know. It makes you look networked and feel good if you do end up helping them. Anyone you add as a connection and show your personal and professional information to should be trusted to send an email on your behalf. Let them all know when you need that email sent.


One comment

  1. I like “Cow’s Feet” ice-cream from the now famous Keyes’ Creamery in HarCo. It’s really yum-yum-yummie for my tum-tum-tummie. I met them by networking. They make the best ice-cream on the planet. Networking is a basic human survival skill. There is a reason we have thumbs, so we can hitch a ride with someone else, figuratively speaking! You go, Girl! IgotUr6!

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