my walls look like crap

October 25, 2008

no, seriously. i had some extra energy to burn off tonight and have been thinking about how much i’d like to have my walls painted, so i went to home depot. i bought a yellow for my bathroom and “classic leather” for my foyer. the bathroom came out nice and bright and i was pleased to note that i didn’t get tired thanks to my recent workouts. i got to looking forward to having something else dark and warm besides my dream couch. but as i made those first few broad rolls of the brush and my periferal vision was limited to the space in front of me, i realized: “this looks like the color of poop.” come visit and tell me if you agree.


One comment

  1. Okay, now that YOU said it first, I don’t feel bad about saying it. When you were first telling me of the colors, I was thinking: “How medieval – that’s the original pee & poop colors…”


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