Naptown Excuse

October 24, 2008

I skipped the proposal team meetings last weekend with a weak excuse that I went to the boat show in Annapolis. While true, it’s sort of lying by omission; I really went to Southern Maryland to sip Budweiser at a biker bar called Ape Hanger’s. While I didn’t “donate” my bra to whatever cause the chicks toss theirs for onto a wall-mounted Harley, I did enjoy myself eating wings and listening to a band crappily cover 311 songs. Ha! (311.)

Oh I am going somewhere with this. I come into the team’s den in Skyline yesterday and a sr advisor George Hinckley asks, “Did you see one of these?”

“Uh, don’t remember, but how do I get me one?” He says, “It’s in the rich side of the family. I priced one about a year ago at 1m US dollars.” Damn. His last name is emblazened on the back of a boat taunting “you will never get this, never gonna get this! lalalalalala!”

I’ve already been up front about taking next Friday off: Ape Hanger’s is having a costume party and I will need a full day to prepare after recovering from a friend’s birthday celebration.


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